SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired
SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired
SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired
SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired
SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired
SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired
SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired
SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired
SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired
SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired
SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired

SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired

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Relive the retro computing days with these C64-inspired keycaps.

Originally designed by matt3o in 2013, this popular set is back for a limited re-run!

The keycaps are made from durable ABS plastic using a double-shot molding process. The legends are molded into the keycaps so the letters will never fade or wear off even after prolonged use.

Colors used: Brown - TBN | Burgundy - RBC | Gray - GG | Lime - VAV | White - WCK


Full set pictures are for reference only. Keys included in the set will only be those pictured in the main picture.

Sublimated Sets are printed on-demand and won't ship "same day" regardless of shipping method chosen.

Shipping costs at checkout do not include VAT or Duty. This will be due prior to package delivery.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Arsen M.
Retro reimagined

After trying it out for about a week, the short and sweet of it is that these look, feel and sound really great! I'm so over the moon with this!

I was looking for a set of keycaps to give my current keyboard not only a deeper/"thockier" sound profile, but also have a go at a non-uniform profile, which led me here. Now I have quite the penchant for classic/retro things, so natch this would the 1st set I'd look, having typed on a Qwerty-profile PBT rec of these as can be seen on the side. The side-printing of the Commodore is simply good aesthetic, kinda why I picked this.

Having replaced my XDA profile that came with my System76 Launch keeb for this one, they do make a difference in the sound and feel and overall well adapted to it thanks to the Qwerty profile as well as the wrist rest. However that keeb's surprisingly difficult to mod keycap-wise because of its non-standard layout without either going all-uniform like XDA or even R3SA, or splurging on the majority of these sets. But I knew of that and wanted to give the latter a try.

Out of the wrappers (seriously they look like dark, ruby and matcha chocolates out of the box!) the keys themselves are a little on the matte side and can reflect a bit of light. I did hear about some disadvantages like how ABS would shine over time, would yellow in adjacent sunlight, or the stem wobble on SA being more extreme. Despite all these, I'm really enjoying these so far without a hitch - the doubleshot does almost all the lifting.

As I said, the S76 Launch is a heavily-modified 75%/TKL layout, which leaves some keys looking out of place, like R1 1.5u backspace, R2 pipe\| key, R3 1.5u caps lock (separate key bought from another set,) R4 1.5u RShift and two 2u split spacebars which I got in PBT. Some creative liberty went through to match to the layout I wanted, although I might plan on getting an 1800 layout keeb in the future (yeah I'm deep in this lil hobby :p)

It's very pricey even for the base set and those with VERY non-standard layouts it can burn quite the hole in your wallet, but considering their longevity and frequency (or the lack thereof) of swapping keycaps, I'd say it's worth the investment if you can afford having lots of spares lying around for maybe some macro boards.

You do kinda get what you pay for, which is quality, resilience and above all - style, so props to that!

Corey Holt
Nostalgic and beautiful

These are my first SA profile keycaps. I had a C64 as a child so I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them online. They did not disappoint. They look awesome and feel great to type on. I love 'em!


A wonderful, modern remake of my beloved Commodore 64 keyboard from the early ‘80s! Though seemingly not cheap, it is a better deal than getting a vintage C64 with nonstandard, squishy keys and refurbishing it. In that context, these modern keys on modern switches and board are really the best way to get the charming retro vibes of the many hours spent in front of a glowing TV or CRT monitor. Highly recommended.

xiaohui chen

SA "Retro" Alpha Set (51 keys) | C64 Inspired

The right price when on sale

I'm not sure the new site is actually easier to order from, and prices still are often too high, but when you can catch a sale I'd say the caps are worth it. SP still makes the best SA sets, and this set offers fantastic colors and crisp legends.

Quality Printing

Keycaps Designed to Last

Our keycaps are made with double-shot or sublimated printing techniques, which means they won't fade through all your coding, gaming, and typing.


All of our keycaps are Cherry MX compatible, unless otherwise noted.

We manufacture our keycaps in-house at our facility in Custer, WA, in the U.S.

Yes, we ship our keycaps all over the globe!

Don't take our word for it


This is hands down the best set of keycaps I've purchased after getting two more spherical PBT keysets before it from sketchy sellers on Amazon and eBay. The quality is excellent, there is no sign of wear on the engraving after several weeks, etc.

Avery Freeman

I have purchased both the alpha and novelties + a few single keycaps and I'm super pleased with the design. If you are considering to get this, I highly recommend that you go ahead with the purchase!


I got this set for my first TKL keyboard and it looks great, even better in person than I anticipated.

Cameron Colliver

I've ordered many keycaps from this site, and customer service has been awesome whenever I have contacted them with questions about available options.

Arrow D. Westervelt

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