The Wall - Gallery of Mechanical Keyboard Designs

Welcome to "The Wall" - our decade-long visual celebration of mechanical keyboards. This visually striking display features a range of custom mechanical keyboards of designs past and present. As you walk the length of the wall, you'll see a kaleidoscopic range of colors, materials, keycap profiles, layouts and more.

This wall provides a snapshot of the passion and personal expression of the mechanical keyboard community. It represents countless hours of meticulous designing, printing, and building.

We hope this display sparks your curiosity and fuels your keyboard obsession as much as putting it together has fueled ours.

Enjoy your stay.

Mechanical Keyboard Designs

Get up close to admire the careful artistry and intricate details of each keyboard. Notice the custom keycap sets with novel themes, colorways and font styles. Let your inner geek marvel at this assembly of specialized eye candy and unique typing instruments.