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Matt3o considers the DSA Retro design from 2013 to be the genesis of his adventures creating mechanical keyboards. He's continued on to design many iconic keycap sets working with Signature Plastics, including DSA Granite, Midnight, and Nuclear Data.




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Cassidy Williams (Cassidoo)

Cassidy is the CTO at Contenda, a startup advisor and investor, developer experience expert, and meme-maker on the internet. She enjoys building mechanical keyboards, playing music, and teaching in her free time, when she's not wrangling her daughter with her husband Joe!



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Kingnestea joined the community in 2013 and started his first keycap project in 2016. He created Camping, released by Signature Plastics in 2017.

Kingnestea works as an Engineering Manager in the waste-to-energy industry


John Cooper (zslane)

John Cooper (aka 'zslane') is a software engineer, graphic artist, and vfx artist who has spent the last two decades working in Hollywood on visual effects for movies and commercials. He became obsessed with mechanical keyboards in 2015 and has designed a few keyboard-related products such as the Dasher/Dancer keycap sets, the Semiotic keycap set, and the Mercury Rocketeer keyboard.

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Designer Spotlight: matt3o

I became interested in mechanical keyboard over 10 years ago to solve a pain I was developing to my wrist. I designed my first 65% keyboard but finding keycaps for it was no easy task at the time, so I created DSA Retro. That was the beginning of my adventures in the mechanical keyboards. Thanks to Signature Plastics I designed SA Retro (the high profile version of DSA Retro), DSA Granite, Midnight, Nuclear Data and many others.

The next logical step was to design my very own keycap profile and with the help of Drop --after two years of development-- we released MT3, a tall, spherical top, sculpted profile that takes from the old IBM beamspring keyboards. More recently I partnered with GMK and designed my second profile called MTNU, always spherical top but medium profile.

A lot has changed in the market but all started with Signature Plastic and I'm really grateful to Melissa and all that SP has done for the community.