DSA "Quartz" 80% TKL Mechanical Keyboard | Pre-Built and Ready to Use
DSA "Quartz" 80% TKL Mechanical Keyboard | Pre-Built and Ready to Use
DSA "Quartz" 80% TKL Mechanical Keyboard | Pre-Built and Ready to Use

DSA "Quartz" 80% TKL Mechanical Keyboard | Pre-Built and Ready to Use

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Gemstones, anyone? Designed by Voltasalt, DSA Quartz is a sleek, simple, fully populated 80% keyboard with only one dye-sublimated legend per keycap. Inspired by the Granite and The Material Metaphor keyboards, Quartz offers a simple mix of grey and light blue for a beautiful crystalline look.

Minimal visual clutter makes it easier to rearrange keys for optional languages or alternate layouts. Quartz offers several modifiers including pro, international, gamer, ISO, and iKit modifiers.

Keyboard details:

Keycap colors are GKK, GEC, BFV, RBD and OAX

Keyboard Details:

  • Basic black plastic housing
  • MX-style switches (not swappable)
  • Backlit keyboard (keys are not backlit)
  • Type C connection

Sublimated Sets are printed on-demand and won't ship "same day" regardless of shipping method chosen.

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Quality Printing

Keycaps Designed to Last

Our keycaps are made with double-shot or sublimated printing techniques, which means they won't fade through all your coding, gaming, and typing.


All of our keycaps are Cherry MX compatible, unless otherwise noted.

We manufacture our keycaps in-house at our facility in Custer, WA, in the U.S.

Yes, we ship our keycaps all over the globe!

Don't take our word for it


This is hands down the best set of keycaps I've purchased after getting two more spherical PBT keysets before it from sketchy sellers on Amazon and eBay. The quality is excellent, there is no sign of wear on the engraving after several weeks, etc.

Avery Freeman

I have purchased both the alpha and novelties + a few single keycaps and I'm super pleased with the design. If you are considering to get this, I highly recommend that you go ahead with the purchase!


I got this set for my first TKL keyboard and it looks great, even better in person than I anticipated.

Cameron Colliver

I've ordered many keycaps from this site, and customer service has been awesome whenever I have contacted them with questions about available options.

Arrow D. Westervelt