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Switch Blocker

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Switch Blockers

Keycap switch blocker for the Cherry MX keycap switch. This lockout snaps over the top of the keycap switch disabling use and creating a surface flush with the keyboard housing. Switch blockers are molded in ABS.

Note that switch blockers were designed to snap over Cherry MX switches specifically. These parts may not snap onto other switch styles including MX replacement style mounts.

Switch blockers will not snap onto a Cherry MX switch with an LED.


*Note this product is not manufactured by Signature Plastics. 

Sublimated Sets are printed on-demand and won't ship "same day" regardless of shipping method chosen.

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Customer Reviews

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Seongpil Lee
It hasn't arrived yet.

I remember ordering it at the beginning of February, but I haven't received any delivery calls or progress yet, and I don't know how it's going

John Cai
Switch blockers work great

They fit perfectly on my ergodox ez and the color matches perfectly as well


You need to mutilate a switch (sharply bend flat or cut off the conductive pins depending on socket style) to install it, and it only hooks on to certain switch case brands. It would be better if it clipped on the plate directly.

Setting that aside it does work and served to blank out a corner switch that was misleading my gullible fingers.

Christian Gonzales
Works as described.

I needed to block 4 and 6 on my numpad since I repurposed it as an arrow keys. It made the experience better so now I don't end up pressing them.

Fumihiko Takayama
Works perfectly and stays firmly in place

In my case, I had to disassemble the MX switch as a foundation and remove the shaft and spring.

This switch blocker has claws, and those claws are hooked onto the switch to prevent it from coming off.
This is an extremely nice mechanism.

However, I think it would be difficult to use unless the keyboard is hot-swappable.

Quality Printing

Keycaps Designed to Last

Our keycaps are made with double-shot or sublimated printing techniques, which means they won't fade through all your coding, gaming, and typing.


All of our keycaps are Cherry MX compatible, unless otherwise noted.

We manufacture our keycaps in-house at our facility in Custer, WA, in the U.S.

Yes, we ship our keycaps all over the globe!

Don't take our word for it


This is hands down the best set of keycaps I've purchased after getting two more spherical PBT keysets before it from sketchy sellers on Amazon and eBay. The quality is excellent, there is no sign of wear on the engraving after several weeks, etc.

Avery Freeman

I have purchased both the alpha and novelties + a few single keycaps and I'm super pleased with the design. If you are considering to get this, I highly recommend that you go ahead with the purchase!


I got this set for my first TKL keyboard and it looks great, even better in person than I anticipated.

Cameron Colliver

I've ordered many keycaps from this site, and customer service has been awesome whenever I have contacted them with questions about available options.

Arrow D. Westervelt

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