Keycap Family Specs

Keycap Family Specs

Family profiles for keycaps come in three varieties - low, medium, and high. Profiles can have a sculptured look with different heights for each row, or a non-sculptured look with uniform row heights.

The finish of the touch area on keycaps is typically semi-glossy, but high gloss and matte finishes are also available.

The shape of the touch area itself can be spherical or cylindrical.

Keycaps come in a wide range of sizes, from standard alphanumeric sizes to specialty shapes like J, L, stepped, lens, homing bar/bump, block, and spacebar keys.

Keycaps also have different molded mount details to accommodate different types of switches, like Cherry MX. The mount needs to match the switch stem for a proper fit.

Note on Height: Our keycaps are modeled after the original Cherry style keycaps from the 70s; because of this, they’re shorter in profile than most OEM and common keycaps. This image shows their height difference: 

Standard Keycap Families


Features: Medium profile, spherical top, sculptured   

Download PDF for DSS Family