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DSA "Hana" 248 pcs. Keyset | Double Shot DSA "Hana" Kawaii 80% TKL Mechanical Keyboard | Pre-Built and Ready to Use DSA "Seafoam" 80% Mechanical Keyboard | Pre-Built and Ready to Use SA-P "Tequila Sunrise" 80% TKL Set | Pre-Built and Ready to Use DCS "Watermelon" 80% TKL Keycap Set | Vaporwave Pink and Green Color

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This is hands down the best set of keycaps I've purchased after getting two more spherical PBT keysets before it from sketchy sellers on Amazon and eBay. The quality is excellent, there is no sign of wear on the engraving after several weeks, etc.

Avery Freeman



These caps are QUALITY and I love the sound and feel of the big, chunky, PBT keycaps.




This build gives you the blissful sensation of typing on cold butter, it's creamy but firm, each press feeling like the caps sink in thick, dense cream before closing the pressure with an audible thudding sound. I am in heaven and I never want to type on anything else anymore, ever.

So, thanks SPK for existing, and saving my sanity and little fingers with such pretty and nice keycaps.




These are some of the nicest feeling keycaps I've ever used. I wasn't sure I would get along with the taller profile, but I like sculpted profiles, and these keycaps work very well for me. The fit and finish is one of the best, and you can tell that these were made in molds designed for PBT. They have some of the cleanest, straightest edges, and they look really nice on my keyboards. Since I've gotten these and built up two keyboards and a macro pad with them, I always look forward to typing on them.




I bought part of my keycaps here as I needed keys of different size with consistent color. The color naming system helped a lot with that, and I am very happy with the result. All the keycaps are of excellent quality and the colors are perfectly accurate. Would buy again if I need high quality uniformly colored keycaps.

Davide Donato


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